What We Do

Community Corp. is a Santa Monica-based non-profit organization that restores, builds, and manages affordable housing for working families of modest means. By enhancing and increasing affordable housing, we improve neighborhoods, create an environment where people can thrive, and change thousands of lives. Our work contributes to the distinct character of Santa Monica, making it a more inclusive, caring, and environmentally sustainable city. In short, we advance the values that Santa Monica residents share – and enrich our community.

Property Management

Community Corp. leases and manages our own housing properties, providing exceptional service in the care of each location, and prompt response to any issues that may arise.

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Resident Services

Community Corp. provides a range of services to enhance the lives of the people that live in our homes. We provide place-based programs at no cost to our residents, and partner with local organizations that deliver quality services – from wellness programs and exercise classes, to adult skills-building, to afterschool homework help.

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Housing Restoration and Production

Community Corp. restores historic properties and constructs new housing that is sensitive to the scale and style of the surrounding area. We create housing at the forefront of architectural innovation and environmental sustainability, working to improve neighborhoods and strengthen communities.

Who Lives With Us


3945 People

We provide homes for 3945 people.


Young Adults

426 young adults (18-24 years)


Infants and Toddlers

150 infants and toddlers (0-4 years)



1516 adults (25-54 years)


School Aged Children and Youth

828 school aged children and youth (5-17 years)


Older Adults

1025 older adults (55+ years)

Housing Production & Restoration

Since Community Corp’s inception in 1982, the Housing Production and Restoration Department (the “Department”) has managed the rehabilitation and construction of nearly 1,700 affordable homes. By overseeing the acquisition of property, developing conceptual proposals, securing financing, and managing construction, the Department has increased and improved the City of Santa Monica’s affordable housing stock. Community Corp’s Housing Production and Restoration Department focuses on preserving historic and significant properties and constructing new housing that is sensitive to the scale and style of a community. The Department also strives to construct housing that is at the forefront of architectural innovation and environmental sustainability. In this way, we improve neighborhoods and strengthen communities.

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Over the past three decades Community Corp. has built 688 new apartment units in Santa Monica.


We restore neglected properties and preserve historically significant structures for the future.

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We advance the ethos of environmental sustainability in Santa Monica.


Total Units


Units Restored


Units Built