Youth Development

Approximately a quarter of the people who live in our buildings are school-aged youth. We support their social and academic development through our UP-Grade program.

Our UP-Grade program is a Community Corp.-staffed academic support program. Professional tutors work with youth ages 6-18 at two properties. Our UP-Grade program aims to:

  • Increase self-advocacy and empowerment
  • Increase academic proficiency and knowledge
  • Encourage the pursuit of higher education
  • Develop good work and study habits
  • Provide a safe place to explore, learn and grow
  • Foster greater awareness and connection between parents or guardians and their child’s school and academic life

We are also implementing a number of activities in response to Santa Monica’s 2014 Youth Wellbeing Report Card. The report card found that in Santa Monica:

  • 26.3% of middle- or high-school students report significant periods of extreme sadness or depression
  • 38.5% of students report being harassed on school campus
  • 42% of 11th-grade students consumed alcohol in the past month
  • 32.3% of 3rd-grade students have not reached proficiency in Language Arts
  • Only 17.6% of Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District students entering Santa Monica College place in college-level English and Math